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St. John Paul II West Campus

907 S. 9th Ave. Kankakee, Il 60901

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Monday - Friday

7:30 AM at St. John Paul II 

Tuesday / Martes 

6:00 PM en Español at St. John Paul II


8:00 AM - Mass of the Day

4:30 PM - Vigil Mass
6:00 PM- Misa en Español de Vigilia


8:00 AM

9:30 AM

11:30 AM

1:00 PM (Misa en Espanol)

5:00 PM

Parish Office

We are here to serve you, and help you feel at home in our parish family. 

The office is located at the St. John Paul II West Campus.


907 S. 9th Ave Kankakee, Il. 60901


956 S 10th Ave. Kankakee, IL 60901

PHONE NUMBER: 815-933-7683

FAX NUMBER: 815-933-7692

EMERGENCY LINE: Call Main Phone Number and Press #

St John Paul II Parish Office

956 S 10th Av, Kankakee, Illinois 60901, United States


Office Hours

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St. John Paul II Parish Directory

Pictures for the first St John Paul II Picture Directory will begin in two weeks (June 18th - 22nd and June 25th-29th). We would like to see everyone included in this directory. You will receive an 8x10 picture and a directory for FREE for being photographed. This directory will give you (and us) the opportunity to put names with faces. Click on the link to the left to be redirected to the Sign - Up Page.

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St. John Paul II Parish Mission Statement

  Influenced by our patron, St. John Paul II, we are a faith-sharing family of Catholic believers 

who bring Jesus to everyone and everyone to Jesus, through discipleship, outreach and the Holy Eucharist.

Sunday Mass Live @ 9:30am

About Us



Welcome to Saint John Paul II in Kankakee, Illinois!  We endeavor, by the grace of God, to be a healthy, happy and holy church.  We foster health by serving every aspect of the human person - physical, emotional, intellectual, social and most importantly, spiritual.  From our food pantry, our free clinic and exercise programs, and our Family Bridges for healthy relationships, to our spiritual programs, devotions and liturgies, we grow together in a healthy environment as people of God.  We are a happy church because of our welcoming spirit.  We believe that the Lord calls all people to be part of his Kingdom, and so we joyfully embrace everyone who walks through our doors, and endeavor to see the Lord in each person.  We are holy because the Lord Jesus is the heart of church, surrounded by the community of His saints, anchored upon the holy work of the apostles, and inspired by the holy example of our patron, St. John Paul II.


St. John Paul II Parish: "Bringing Jesus to everyone and everyone to Jesus "

We deeply value relationships. We love, serve, and care for one another and those whom God has placed around us in hopes that the community will see Jesus in us, hear us speak of Him often, and be drawn to Him. By welcoming you to our church, we are welcoming you into our lives.

We pray that our church will be a place where you experience the lavish love of God, ask questions, and find your place in God’s story.

We hope you will join us at a weekend service or in a community group. We would love to meet you or talk with you soon 

Daily Parish Events

No upcoming events.