Sacramental Life




Please call the office to register for baptism.  You will be provided with the details of baptismal preparation and requirements.

1st Sunday of the Month (Spanish Baptisms)  1:30 PM

1st Sunday of the Month during the 11:30AM Mass.

3rd Sunday of the Month (English Baptisms)  12:30 PM

Baptismal Class- 2nd Sunday of the Month (English)   1:15 PM

3rd Saturday of the Month (Spanish) 10:00 AM



Please call the office at 815-933-7683 for information on wedding schedule and marriage preparation program.  Engaged couples are asked to call at least SIX MONTHS in advance to arrange for their marriage preparation and to set a date.  Your initial phone call to the parish office will help us determine what kind of preparation you need, as well as the kind of documentation that you will need to accomplish for the wedding.

Please do not book the reception hall until you are able to set a date with the church.

First Communion


 Preparation for a child's First Communion or Holy Eucharist is done through our Faith Formation Program Coordinator.  The children need to enroll to the Wednesday classes in order to prepare them for this sacrament.  You may communicate with Sr. Rose or Carolyn Levy in order to register your child for the program.   

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


Our RCIA program runs from the fall season of every year leading to the rites of initiation at the Easter Vigil of the following year.  These several months of preparation deepens the knowledge of an adult of the life of prayer in the Church, together with Her theologies and doctrines.  At the end of the RCIA program, the adult catechumen receives the full sacrament of initiation - baptism, confirmation and eucharist.    For more information, call our Ms. Donna Worth at 815-933-7683.